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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dr. Who Fan Anime - Inspiration to just do it

Welcome to the rebellion.

Sometimes you've just gotta let go of fear and all those excuses and just do it.

NASA's Mars Rover Spirit made it all the way to the red planet to search for signs of life and showed remarkable signs of life itself. Spirit and its twin, Opportunity, were only expected to last 90 days and cover oh, a few hundred yards.

Instead, Rover covered almost five miles and even scaled a difficult hill to beam back discoveries for more than five years. It just went and did it, exceeding its design. Something Opportunity continues to do on the other side of the planet.

That's right. I'm bad!

Every knee King of Comics Jack Kirby ever drew looked like a loaf of bread. Who cares? He just kept drawing and the awesome explodes from every panel of every page.

Bwahaha!! Mortals, I bring you
fresh-baked doooooom!!!

George Lucas knew the limitations of special effects and science fiction sagas when he pitched a Saturday Matinee style space adventure to the studio. He inspired his team to create a brand new universe that hooked generations of fans on space that took place a long, long time ago in a galaxy far away because he just did it.

Sadly, he kept on doing it.

Why George? Why?

I recently was tasked with drawing a 7 page comic book story for a comic I am assistant editing when the artist had to bow out. It's called Homes Incorporated and you can check it out at the official website.

I was filled with doubt as I worked on the pages until I realized the only way to finish on time was to just stop fretting and do it.

It looks awesome.

And so, I present to you an incredible testament to the power of "just do it". A fan-made Dr. Who anime - a 13 minute best of trailer for a season that never existed by Who fanatic Paul "Otaking" Johnson, a professional translator from Sheffield, England. It's in the style of 80's anime like Macross or Bubblegum Crisis and it wol blow your mind.

And apparently Paul drew this whole thing solo. He just up and did it.

The sound is disabled on the embedded version below so check it out here and enjoy!

Yes! The awesome power of "just do it" strikes again.

If the only George's Empire would stop striking again and again.