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Monday, September 28, 2009

Cannibal Galaxy from Beyond Space! - The undead, zombie Andromeda Galaxy is hungry for stars!

Welcome to the rebellion.

Zombie flicks are so passe. Especially since our poor little Milky Way is due for a deadly cannibal galaxy attack!!!!!!

According to the Calgary Herald, the Andromeda galaxy has developed a taste for the galactic flesh of its fellow star systems!! Researchers at the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT) have discovered:

"...the "semi-digested remains of dwarf galaxies" and streams of stars being sucked into Andromeda, the nearest galactic giant to the Milky Way that is home to our planetary system.

They've also documented a remarkable encounter in which Andromeda tore millions of stars away from its galactic satellite Triangulum."

Andromeda is surrounded by the remains of millions of galaxies who have been swallowed whole by its massive gravitational pull. The whole thing reads like a James Cameron epic, only entertaining. Only one character in this stellar thriller has evaded the jaws of Andromeda so far; the plucky Triangulum galaxy.

The astronomers have also found evidence of a close encounter with Triangulum, a small satellite galaxy.

"It passed close to Andromeda and started to feel its pull," says McConnachie noting Andromeda is "a big beast" with incredible gravitational power.

Its pull is so strong that Triangulum started losing stars. "Easily millions of stars," he says. Triangulum managed to escape — albeit with fewer stars. But McConnachie says it will ultimately be pulled back in.

"In fact, it is starting to fall back into the Andromeda galaxy right now," says McConnachie, who thinks in extremely long time frames."

Braaaains! Er, I mean, Staaaaarzzz!

A movie, er, simulation of Triangulum's interaction with Andromeda can be found here at the project's Canadian website. I hope it's a rough cut because it needs help with pacing to build the tension.

And worst of all? Andromeda's coming for us! Team Leader Alan McConnachie warns that in three to five billion years we could also be ingested by the hungry galactic cannibal that is Andromeda.

"The Milky Way now coexists in the same cosmic vicinity as Andromeda. But McConnachie says the two giant galaxies, which are moving toward each other at more than 100 kilometres a second, are headed for a major dust up.

"The Andromeda galaxy is heading straight for us, for the Milky Way galaxy," he says, adding that he sees no way around a "full-on collision."

I suppose shooting it in the brain is out since it's so damn difficult to find a brain. It's like looking for a needle in a universe. And the bullet could takes decades to actually reach anything. It's not even traveling at the speed of sound, after all.

Drok it! Let Andromeda come. It can pry Sol out of our cold, dead, fossilized hands. The human race will be long gone by then so I suggest we start rocketing all out hazardous waste into the sun so that by the time Andromeda ingests it all that mother-$!#king galaxy will get is a galactic case of indigestion.


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