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Rob Pincombe is a prolific television writer, recovering comedian and sometime comic artist/storyboard artist who just wasn't satisfied with a single blog. He writes about sci-fi and fandom at rebelalert.com, Canadian comics at comicanuck.com, and shares thoughts and insights on writing at starkravingadventure.com

Monday, April 5, 2010

Ad-Astra Animation Guest of Honour

Welcome to the rebellion.

This weekend I will be appearing as the Animation Guest of Honour at Ad-Astra.

Not only is it my first time as a Guest, but it's also my first official sci-fi convention... ever!! (Not counting Fan Expo, which I have attended for the comics side). I hope you are all gentle with me and my non-sci-fi wife!

In addition to guesting on several panels and helping to judge Canada's Next Top Zombie (Awesome!!), my panel on Animation will be on Sunday Morning (Opposite Robert Sawyer's writing workshop. Sigh. But who wants to hear what the tremendously successful, engaging, friendly and prolific hack has to say?)

Since I'm not sure what to expect, I thought Id let you know what you can expect!


Got a question about animation? Wondering why your child is obsessed with Bakugan or where Max and Ruby’s parents are? Want an inside scoop on the making of your favourite - and not so favourite - cartoons? Using his own extensive career as a living example, Animation Guest of Honor Robert Pincombe dishes on the joys and pitfalls of his chosen profession: the trials of breaking in, the challenge of writing for different age groups and different kinds of animation, and the often hilarious cultural disconnects you run into when adapting anime.

The Ad-Astra site is here.

And my bio is here.

And my not quite current imdb page is here.

See you there! :)


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