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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Star Wars Sunday Comic 007 - Chewie And Han

Welcome to the rebellion. Here is the latest Sunday Comic from the Imperial News: Chewie and Han.

With thanks and apologies to Calvin And Hobbes creator, Bill Watterson, who is a complete comic God. So far I have only come up with one or two potential gags that seem to fit his precise comedic style. The first three Calvin and Hobbes pastiches I have done are his gags.

This star Wars comic thing came about as a favour to a friend but it is amazing to learn how these varied artist's work toward solving the process of creating humouir out of four, tiny daily panels and Sunday pages. All have much to teach me but I am noticing there are some I can whip off once I "get" the approach (adding my own twisted point of view) but there are some that are so subtle and sophisticated I can only copy and use what is already there.

Bill Watterson is one of those. He's just impossible to top and so creative about his approach to those boxes. He fills every frame and his entire comic with life. His figures seem to be in constant motion and brimming with confidence.

For more Imperial News comics click here. For some of Bill's rarer material, click here.



  1. You capture the unique details of each strip with such skill, flair and respect. That you are interested in what these other artists have to teach confirms for me that you are the real thing yourself. Well done.

    And what a relief to know Henry Winkler is such a nice guy!