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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Good Grief, Jedi Brown!

Welcome to the rebellion. Much of the feedback we received on the Death Star Repairmen website centered on a particular aspect of the original Imperial News: the comics. Obsessed with celebrating the mundane aspects of life in the Star Wars universe I was determined to parody today's comics as they might appear in a galaxy far, far away, complete with the philosophical underpinnings of both the Empire and the Rebellion.

When I drew Jedi Brown, several pieces were meant to be longer, as if they were Sunday pages. But I had to draw them in two parts and dang if Mr. Gold didn't post them as separate pieces. And to my surprise they work surprisingly well!

But you can decide for yourself. Here are the two Jedi Brown strips posted in two parts each. Which way do you think works better?

In the first comic, Jedi Brown has far more moral dilemmas than any young Padawan should bear...

Naturally, I took an established pattern from Charles Schultz (you simply can't top the master) and his own philosophy works surprisingly well in Lucas' universe. Though Jedi Brown's final concern in the first half isn't a gag per say, it could be considered a big enough about face to wrap up the comic on an unexpected but there's something more satisfying about the two put together as a whole. Pure Schultz.

Here's the second split up 'toon...

These ones really do work equally well together and separately. If I had planned it better I would have swapped the order of the final two panels in Part One. The Jabba line is a better blow than the current last panel, which feels unfinished. But doesn't Boba Fett make a heck of a Pigpen?

Check out more of the Imperial News original comics section and explore the rest of the issue. There's lots of fun stuff.


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