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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Intercept: The Skywalkers Talk The Skywalk

Welcome to the rebellion. This Rebel Alert post from Tatooine was just intercepted and decoded:

Yo fellow rebels! We had another Death Star Survivor's reunion here on Mos Eisley Cantina and Wedge Antilles brought his DHD (Digital Holo-disc) of season one of the Skywalkers. Hilarious! Here are some of our favourite moments and quotes from the first season...

“30, 800 degrees and cloudy? Who cares what the weather’s like on Yavin’s second sun? What the Frak?! I’m stuck on the secure weather channel. AHHH! Make it stop!”
-Anakin confuses the remote control with his electric shaver.

“He’s not the sort of child who likes to hang out at the mall.”
-Padme talks about how sensitive Luke is while we see him in the background, stabbing the bejeezus out of a couch with his Swiss Army Lightsabre.

“Absolute dictator of the universe – gravy-maker extraordinaire. Oh Frak!! I dropped the gravy boat thingie.”
-Anakin tries his hand at cooking.

“I don’t give a scrag what people think about my hair. It’s my hair, so why should they care? Oooh, that rhymes!”
-Leia shaves her head.

Padme: “Leia just called from the pet depot.”
Anakin: “No! No! Forget it! No!”
Padme: “Don’t you even want to know what...”
Anakin: “If it’s a living thing, no! She can't bring it the frak home. It’s like a freaking zoo planet around here. They're like animals, and I'll slaughter them like animals! I hate them!
-Anakin shares his warm views on nature.

“Dad, you have serious anger-management issues.”
-Leia, after Anakin levitated her personal shuttle into the pool.

“Here puss... puss...”
-Luke, dressed in ill-fitting, full stormtrooper armour, prowls the house with a pulse rifle looking for the family’s pet womp rat.

“Bubbles? I can't have a bubble bath! Come on Padme, I’m frakking Darth Vader. The D man. I’m the Prince of skragging Darkness. Evil! What’s so frakking evil about a tub full of bubbles?”
-Anakin has a bath time breakdown.

See what else is on the Death Star's Holo-Channels this week.


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