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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Long, Long Time Ago...

“Hey Rob. I have an idea.” When I hear those words come from my friend Darryl Gold, he of the immensely inspiring and very funny Hard Liquor and Porn Film Festival, I always feel a tingling in my scalp.

Am I implying that Darryl gives me a rash? I don’t think so, though I really should get that checked out so I can cross it off my irrational fears list. No… Darryl and I share a synergy around ideas. When we combine our ideas and move forward on them together, they always morph into something much bigger and stranger and more joyous than anything we do on our own.

Powered by soda, chocolate and nacho chips, Darryl and I disappear, combining into a mighty, bickering Uni-Mind that rises up from the spot we used to be in, turns it’s mighty floating brain and fires intense lasers of creativity down at the earth. As debris and bubbling lava flow out, some great new thing ascends from the depths and floats aloft. A wondrous thing that ne’er existed before. We stare in pride and awe, often unable to identify where his contribution ends and mine begins.

Or something like that.

In this case his idea was Death Star Repairmen, a subtly hilarious take on the real reason the Death Star blew up. The cheesy effects highlight the dry lead performances. Darryl ran with that on his own, though I took some behind-the-scenes footage on his green screen set.

When Darryl decided to build a website around his film to help advertise it he lamented the fact that he didn’t have time to create one as the post production was taking up so much of his time. Blissfully unaware of the consequences of my rash decision, I offered to create one for him.

We agreed that I would create all the content and Darryl would then transform to HTML. He wanted to avoid graphics as they were time consuming to create so I suggested a newspaper put out by the Empire that you could get from any old back-talking newsdroid in a galaxy far, far away. And since Darryl’s film took place during the original Star Wars movie, I set my paper in the same time and place in space.

I watched the available movies, determined to play fair by keeping all references from the movies everyone had seen and created far more stuff than Darryl’s site would ever need, including hand-drawn logos and presto, The Imperial News was born! I was pumping out so much stuff Darryl finally had to grab my hands, lift them from my keyboard say, "Stop Rob".

But why stop there? What about the other ideas that got left out? and the ideas that were written down but never finished?

Never fear, fellow Star Wars junkies, this blog will be bringing you updates of the Imperial News regularly as well as excerpts from the rebel newspaper, The Rebel Alert.

In addition, I’ll use this space as a forum to talk about science fiction and pop culture (Star Wars stock in trade), writing (since that’s what I do to pay the rent) and ideas (since rebels could never aspire to new ideals without starting with ideas).

Wow... You can't have ideals without ideas. That is so profound. Profound in much the same way getting stoned while watching The Wizard Of Oz with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon as the soundtrack is a transcendental experience. Seriously head spinning.

Of course, such semantic sleight of hand doesn’t work in any language but English, rendering the concept inert in a global sense. But it was definitely enough to impress my drunk pals at the university pub for all of five whole minutes.

So check out Death Star Repairmen here

Read the original Imperial News here

After that, stay tuned and welcome to the rebellion!


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